Foundation of the University of French West Indies and Guiana - GBH (UAG-GBH): “Act together for training and employment”

In March 2010, GBH created the Foundation UAG-GBH in partnership with the University of French West Indies and Guiana “Act together for training and employment”, which strives to bring together the world of teaching and the world of work and to professionalize students’ training to favor their employability.

The UAG-GBH Foundation organized three career forums on 8 October in Guadeloupe, 22 October in Guyana and 29 October in Martinique.  It consisted of interactive meetings between students, professors of UAG and managers from our companies, in order to provide the students with concrete information regarding different careers, the means of accessing them and how to open up opportunities.  The students were able to participate in several workshops and discover careers in sales and marketing; law, social law, company law, tax law; banking, finance, auditing, financial management; health, quality and safety; communication, media, journalism; engineering.

Still as part of building a bridge with the University, GBH participated in the creation of a Department Manager University Diploma (DUMAR), the level of a bachelor's degree.

Adapted to the real needs of the field of mass retail in the West Indies and French Guiana, DUMAR calls on experienced professionals in order to provide the skills and techniques required for the role of a Department Manager, while providing the highbrow pedagogic content of higher education, as acquired in Universities.

Welcomed by all of the government bodies, private organizations (Mass Retail Trade Union, MEDEF Guadeloupe) and authorities of Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Martinique, DUMAR was launched in November 2010, backed by the Employment Office and the Departmental Administration of Work, Employment and Vocational Training.

In practical terms, DUMAR enables the training of a class of 20 students of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana, which alternates between one week of theoretical lessons (a total of 385 hours of lessons during the academic year from November to the end of June) and three weeks of practical work experience.

etudiants DUMAR

The first year of DUMAR, 20 students were supported by Fernand Sainte-Rose, Assistant Director of IUFC Martinique and William Fogel, Head Tutor at DUMAR.