Joining a committed group

Family-owned and multicultural, GBH is convinced of the potential of youth. Guided by human values for 60 years, the Group pays special attention to the employees who join it and work every day for its development.

employees started
with us in 2020*

Sharing values that bring us together

GBH is directed by its founder, Bernard Hayot, his sons, Stéphane and Rodolphe Hayot, and his son-in-law, Nicolas de Pompignan. People are at the heart of GBH’s decisions, it believes in shared achievements driven by enthusiasm. The Group encourages every employee’s entrepreneurial spirit and social involvement. These are the values that make up the DNA of GBH.

*Permanent – French regions.

Our employees tell us about the Group’s commitment to skills development

around the world

Opening up to the world

Working at GBH means progressing independently in an international group supported by the energy and performance of its teams. GBH provides many career opportunities for its employees, both in French overseas departments and internationally, in mass retail, automobile retail, and industrial activities.

Major stakeholder in overseas retail and development through its international sites


425 employees


203 employees

Ivory Coast

Metropolitan France


70 employees


1426 employees

French Guiana

482 employees

Reunion Island

2982 employees


2056 employees

New Caledonia

887 employees

Dominican Republic

397 employees

Trinidad & Tobago

33 employees


89 employees


2 employees


120 employees
of employees recruited
within the regions

Evolve in a multicultural environment

Established in various territories, GBH is characterised by a multiculturalism that it has made its strength. The Group encourages diversity and always aims to prioritise local recruitment. As such, over two thirds of employees have been recruited from the very regions where the Group is established.

years of partnerships with
Bellepierre Secondary School
in Réunion

Promoting the integration of young people

GBH works to really bring the worlds of education and business together. It has set up partnerships with several establishments such as the University of the French Antilles, the University of Guyana, the Réunion School of Management, Bellepierre Secondary School, and the EGC Business School in Saint-Denis de La Réunion. The Group also leads an active policy of recruiting talents by establishing active and sustained contacts in targeted prestigious schools (GEM, NEOMA, and ESCP for mass retail, and ESSCA, ISCAM, and GARAC for automobile retail). As such, whether it be training programmes, work-study programmes, scholarships, or internships, GBH seeks to expand efforts to provide professional training programmes for students and improve their employability.

Committed to the economic and social development of these regions, GBH offers many professional opportunities to its employees, be it in a profession or a business sector, in French overseas territories or internationally.

Last opportunities


Afin d’accompagner la forte croissance du Groupe et ses ambitions dans le digital, nous recherchons en Martinique un DBA Oracle/SQL SERVER (H/F).
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