Bellepierre Secondary School and GBH: a long-standing partnership in Réunion

for the training and integration of young people
Group of students from the EGC preparatory class for business and management schools with a scholarship

800 students in companies, 60 scholarships awarded, professional training contracts, and more. Launched in 2004 to bring the worlds of education and business closer together, the partnership between Bellepierre Secondary School and GBH showcases a group involved in training its future recruits to encourage local recruitment. Read the article from the Réunionnais du Monde website. 

Launched in Réunion in 2004, the objective of the partnership between Bellepierre Secondary School and GBH is to offer students in economics and business preparatory classes the best chances of passing the entry examinations to the ECG School of Business and Management. Every year for over 15 years, this partnership has revolved around:

- The opportunity for 50 or so students to complete a 4 to 5 week internship at GBH under the responsibility of a mentor. The Group takes part in the “mobility for internships abroad” budget to encourage young people to set off and discover other Group subsidiaries.

- GBH financing of an internship abroad for the 6 most deserving students in first year. These internships are part of GBH’s desire to give the winners a chance to broaden their horizons in an international setting.

- The participation of GBH executives in three annual seminars simulating personality interviews for students in second year.

Since 2004, 60 scholarships have been awarded to students to finance language trips. Thirty or so internships have been offered to students and 800 students have been welcomed into the Group’s companies.

The Secondary School-Business synergy was also strengthened with the launch of a work-study Master’s Degree in Chartered Accounting (DSCG) at Bellepierre Secondary School, set up in association with the Greta de La Réunion Neotech III. This programme hosts interns from GBH and external companies who are under professional training contracts or professional training periods.

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