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Committed to apprenticeships in French Guiana

for the training and integration of young people

GBH, committed to the training and professional integration of young people, commends the apprenticeship action launched by its subsidiary Carrefour Matoury / Contact, which is receiving the Academic Trophy for Innovation

Twenty apprentices in French Guiana have been participating in this programme in our stores for one year to obtain their Bac Pro Business next year and sign their permanent contract with our subsidiaries.

As part of their commitment to the professional integration of young Guianese people, Pôle Emploi, OPCALIA, the GRETA network, and GBH are joining forces for the first time to promote sustainable employment through vocational training and work-study programmes. A 24-month work-study training programme has been set up, allowing students to prepare for their Bac Pro Business degree. Twenty students, pre-selected on the basis of Pôle Emploi’s “Simulation Recruitment Method” (MRS) and GRETA’s placement tests, are enrolled for two years in this innovative programme that began on 9 September 2019.

Last year, halfway through their Bac Pro Business, a intermediate graduation ceremony commending their BEP (Technical School Certificate) was organised on Wednesday 30 September in French Guiana to reward the work already done. Fourteen apprentices were awarded the BEP in Carrefour Matoury and Contact and 2 others were awarded the Butcher CAP (Vocational Training Certificate) and the Specialist Butcher BEP.

This innovative programme alternates between training periods in Max Joséphine Vocational School in Cayenne and periods of hands-on application at Carrefour Matoury / Contact. The students join an educational team and are supported by apprenticeship instructors from Carrefour Matoury. Once candidates have obtained their degree in 2021, the Group agrees to hire them as apprentices on permanent contracts.