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GBH supports in to the Entreprises et Environnement association

to protect the environment

Today, GBH supports and is involved in these associations, which also include many companies outside the Group. GBH is particularly committed to the Entreprises et Environnement association

The three main awareness-raising activities carried out by the association are as follows.

  • The launch at the end of 2012 of the participative site for Martinique and its “Arété Sa” (Stop that) challenge, which combats the proliferation of illegal dumping sites in Martinique by rewarding people who publish photos of abandoned waste on the Facebook page of the challenge. Results: more than 8,000 dumping sites referenced.
  • The removal of 1,000 abandoned vehicles from public property, mandated by the prefecture in partnership with Ademe – the French Environment and Energy Management Agency – and ARS – regional health agency –, in order to fight the Zika virus epidemic in Martinique.
  • The yearly organisation of two “Pays Propre” (Clean Country) campaigns. This initiative, dedicated to cleaning beaches and remarkable sites in Martinique, has been successful thanks to the cooperation of numerous companies, associations, local authorities and individuals. In 2016, in its eleventh year, 29 sites were thoroughly combed and more than 22 tonnes of waste were collected, including one hundred kilos removed from a coral reef by divers. Several teams from the Group’s head office and subsidiaries were among the 600 volunteers who came to protect the environment in Martinique.