380 artists have already exhibited their works
200,000 visitors annually
1,200 m² of exhibition rooms opened in 2016 and 2023

The Fondation Clément is a GBH corporate foundation that patrons the arts and cultural heritage in Overseas

Supporting the arts and cultural heritage 

The Fondation Clément is a GBH corporate foundation that is a patron of the arts and cultural heritage in the Caribbean. It supports contemporary creation by organising exhibitions at Habitation Clément and creating a collection of works that are representative of Caribbean creativity over the last decades. The Foundation is hosted at Habitation Clément, a heritage site classified as a historic monument where Clément agricultural rum is produced.

While the Clément Foundation has dedicated contemporary art spaces, for example the sculpture garden and exhibition rooms, the artists use the entire property to express themselves.

Bringing the history of the Caribbean to life and protecting Creole heritage

The Clément Foundation manages important collections of private archives, a library on the history of the Caribbean and iconographic collections. It also publishes works of a cultural nature and contributes to the protection of Creole heritage by highlighting traditional architecture.

More information : https://www.fondation-clement.org/